Philip Jeremy Moyer

You can't see Philip or Aeri right now, because you're in text.

aka: Philip-M, pmoyer, SD-Phil, and

Aerianne ("hi!" ^_^)

Philip-M's a currently employed, former compsci major from the University Of Maryland, College Park, who's still trying to get his act together concerning the rest of his life and his job, while trying to deal with an imagination too fertile for his own good.

He's the Author of the (long-deferred) Serendipity series, and a purveyor of Serendipity, Eyrie Productions, and Amber Game Artwork.

If you want to find out how he got into this mess, click here.

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If you'd like to know more about his character/Alter-ego, Aerianne, well, you can visit her homepage at! ^_-

Anyway, enough with all this backstory. Now, onto the good stuff! :)


So, here I am. I've just realized that I've spend over half my life so far involved in this ... thing, which has grown beyond my capacity to stop. Despite various and sundry setbacks and distractions, I continue to draw, color, and write into the twenty-first century...

But, you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)

Any comments, questions, queries, posings, critiques, or criticisims can be directed to

Ja Ne! ^_^

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