Philip-M's Art Gallery for 2007

A Year Of New Possibilities

With the turn of the year, changes come. A new job, new work, and a better chance at getting caught up with all the coloring I've needed to do. This year promises to be very interesting, what with several Eyrie Productions works in the pipe. But don't think I've sold my soul: there's still much Serendipity and Amber artwork to come...

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All Serendipity characters () on this page are Copyright (c) Magnetic Terrapin Studios and Philip Moyer, 2007. Katherine d'Medici created by John Biles, 2004-2007. Other artwork here illustrates and takes place in the Through A Mirror Darkly, Unicorn no Seishi, and Forth The Nine Riders Amber DRPG campaigns designed by John Biles and the A Fistful of Finndos Amber DRPG crossover campaign designed by John Biles and Mike Loader, 2000-2001. Unless they're taking place in Eyrie Productions, Unlimited's Symphony of the Sword, Cybertron Reloaded, or Bubblegum Crisis: The Iron Age. All other characters depicted here are copyright their respective creators and whatnot, since I'm not about to look all this up while at work. *wg* No infringement or disrespect is implied by these images, and no profit was made from them.

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