Philip-M's Art Gallery for Art By Other Artists

aka, "People who do this 'art' thing a whooooooooooole lot better than I do."

Through his travels, Philip's encountered a lot of people who have either influenced him in his drawing style, or has just kibbitzed with and managed to get sketches from... in some cases, they're one and the same. *wg* Also, some of these people's artworks have served as testbeds for Philip's marker and coloring work. And now, for the first time ever, you shall be able to see those works.

Due to the growth of this gallery, the entries have now been split into their own sections:

Alphabetized for your convenience...
The full credits may be found here. All other characters depicted here are copyright their respective creators and whatnot, and all artwork is copyright by the people who drew them. No infringement or disrespect is implied by these images, and no profit was made from them.

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