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All Serendipity characters in this section (Aerianne, Derek, Arisa, Devon, Angelica, Emily, Jessica, Teri, Jean, the Hellstorm 7C Power Armor, Juillet Gabrielle DuLac Moyer, Ysandra, GAIA, Philip) are Copyright (c) 1993-2009 Magnetic Terrapin Studios and Philip Moyer. Corrine, Queen of Ember and Princess of Amber, Catherine of Pariseau, Regent of Ember, Kanna, Princess of Ember, and Shiori, Princess of Ember, are Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Magnetic Terrapin Studios and Philip Moyer. Kallisti, Pharina, and Rianna Santova are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Lawrence Mann. Mayl Poppf'l and Eiko Magami Rose are Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Martin Rose. Cantata Jones, Megaera, Tatiel, Demon God Katana, Kevin O'Shea, Tiphareth, Bright Lilim of Lightning, Larry Walkowski, and Tei'Kuya Kemi are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Amy Borden. Korgu Tyelkormo adapted by Amy Borden, 2007-2009. Star Admiral Kassandra Morgan is Copyright (c) Jesse Taylor. Heather Jonson-Davis, Avril, Dustin Wynde, and Juillet Celestina are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Chris Angelini. Ariel Wynde, Elizabeth Tirkoff, Dangerousgirl, Lady Warrior, Tyche, Cozette D'Whyte, Akim, Gabrielle O'Shea, Anthony DuMarque, and Kevin Ichabod DuLac Moyer are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Eric A. Burns. Katie Tanner is Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Chris Meadows. Lori Jenkins-Robertson, Alice Barnes, and Jez are Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Mason Kramer. Chris Robertson is Copyright (c) 1995-2009 Jon Robertson. Jane Barker and Miri are Copyright (c) 1996-2009 James Rinehart. Tyrieen Shoshanuna Rhiannon and Hiko, Princess of Amber are Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Trisha L. Sebastian. Lian, Daughter of Wasyuu, Orien, Prince of Amber, Jasmine, Weaver Tunnelganger and Kaze the Half-elf are Copyright (c) 2005-2009 Chris Bremer. Cupio, Prince of Avalon, created by and Copyright (c) 1996-2009 Mike Loader. Katherine d'Medici and Dierdre Angacu created by and Copyright (c) 2002-2009 John Biles. Ri'Anna created by and Copyright (c) 2007 Matt Wills. Telemain Kohl created by and Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Travis Butler. Kaitlyn Hutchins, Lisa Shustal, created by and Copyright (c) 2000-2009 Benjamin Hutchins. Captain Photon, Jen Rossum/"General Rossum" and "76" created by and Copyright (c) 2004-2009 Benjamin Hutchins, based on concepts from "City of Villains" by Cryptic Studios. Eiko Takashima created by and Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Geoff Depew. Miranda, Xeralia, Therese, Emilia, and Miracle Sterling created by and Copyright (c) 2009 Benjamin Hutchins and Philip Moyer. Komilia, Maia, and Mylene Sterling copyright (c) 1982-2009 Harmony Gold USA, Studio Nue, Tatsunoko Production, and Artland. Random Tenjou, Princess of Amber and Arcadia, created by and Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Rod Malipalitan. Bogdozan, T, and Vaprak are original interpretations by Mike Loader and John Biles, 2002-2009. Molly Mouse and Cassandra Cat are Copyright (c) 1998-2009 John Staton. Shred the Wolf, created by and Copyright (c) 2000-2009 by Ron Murphy. Lillith is Copyright and trademark (c),(tm) 1993-2009 Ben Dunn. Gina Diggers, Brittany Diggers, Brianna Diggers, Genn the Rashka, Julia Diggers, Theodore Diggers, Thropan, Shiela, Xane, and Luan Geas are all Copyright and Trademark (c),(tm) 1994-2009 Fred Perry. Major Motoko Kusanagi, Batou, Togusa, Aramaki and Fuchikoma are Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Shirow Masamune. Nene Romanova is Copyright (c) 2001 AIC. Calibretto is Copyright (c) 2002-2009 Joe Madureira. E.V.E., Copyright (c) 2004-2009 Mohammad F. Haque and Anath Panagariya, all rights reserved. Sister Psyche and Ghost Widow, Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Cryptic Studios, all rights reserved. Riku, Copyright (c) 2004-2009 SquareEnix, all rights reserved. Mellissa Mao and Kurz Weber are Copyright (c) 2001-2009 Shoji Gatoh, all rights reserved. Sakura Kusanago is Copyright (c) 1987-2009 Capcom, all rights reserved. Rock Howard is Copyright (c) 1991-2009 SNK, all rights reserved. Grendel is Copyright (c) 1983-2010 Matt Wagner. Gambit, Rogue is Copyright (c) Marvel Comics. Marvel Girl, Jean Grey, Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow is Copyright (c) Marvel Comics. Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy is Copyright (c) Marvel Comics. Mass Effect and all characters from that series are Copyright (c) Bioware Studios. Goliath, Gargoyles Copyright (c) Disney Animation. Koharu Hotta, Ryo Hayakawa, Princess Nine Copyright (c) Phoenix Entertainment. Korra, Yue, Mako, Bolin, Pabu, Naga, Asami Sato, Aang, Legend of Korra, Avatar The Last Airbender Copyright (c) Nickelodeon. Azana and Karana created by Benjamin D. Hutchins. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna Copyright (c) Rooster Teeth Productions. Warhammer 40,000K and associated imagery Copyright (c) Games Workshop. The In Nomine art presented here is my original colorings, intended for use with the In Nomine system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. All other characters depicted here are copyright their respective creators and whatnot, and all artwork is copyright by the people who drew them. No infringement or disrespect is implied by these images, and no profit was made from them.

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