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The Domain

Philip-M's Art Gallery for Larry Mann's DOMINION Series

Personal and Commissioned Artwork

There is a power rising amidst the Afterlives of the Multiverse.

Theirs is a strange power, born of the union of darkness and light, demon and mortal -- and yet for all their mixed birth, they have the potential to be a great force for Good and Evil, for both have their place in the Multiverse.

Their story is not yet finished -- in fact it has only begun. And one thing is for certain.

You will never... EVER... forget their names.

Welcome to the Domain of Derek and Arisa Aiziz...

It all began as a whim, really.

It was my Junior/Senior year in College, and I was getting involved in a freeform online roleplaying group. My online friends were creating original characters to populate a shared world, and while I had roleplayed my fictional self (and his SO) before, I wanted to do something a little different than before.

At the same time, I had become friends with Larry Mann, and we had collaborated some on character backstory, especially in regards to the friendship between his character, Kallisti, and my prime character, Aerianne. It was not beyond imagination to suppose in some far-flung fictional future that they would be reunited, and Kallisti would meet Aerianne's husband, and well...

So it was that the characters of Derek and Arisa Aiziz were conceptualized, finalizied, and released upon the multiverse. (And it trembled.)

Since then, they have grown and changed, made friends and fought, and developed in ways that I could never have imagined when first starting out with them back in 1996. In many ways, playing them over the past decade-plus-change have been one of the most rewardwing roleplaying experiences I have ever had, and one of the most inspiring.

Here then, illustrated, are the life and times of Derek and Arisa, as well as their mother Kallisti, and those of their family, friends, and loved ones.

I hope you enjoy what has been created here.

--- Philip Jeremy Moyer, May 18, 2008

Illustrative Artwork by Philip Moyer

Artwork By Larry Mann (In My Possession)

Commissioned Artwork By Other Artists

Tierra Juillet Celestina is Copyright 1991-2009 Chris Angelini. Cantata Annamarie Jones and Hendrix Marie Wayne-Jones are Copyright 1991-2009 Amy Borden. Anthony "Swiftsteel" DuMarque, Gabrielle "Armory" O'Shea, and Kevin Ichabod du Lac Moyer are Copyright 1991-2009 Eric A. Burns. Alice Barnes is Copyright 1991-2009 Mason Kramer.

Kallisti and the Dominion, and Pharina are Copyright 1991-2009 Lawrence Mann. Laurael, Balseraph of the Game and Shalateth, Shedite of the Game are original creations by Larry Mann Copyright 1997-2009, intended for use with the In Nomine system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

Philip, Aerianne, the Terrapin Corps, Emily Allison Moyer, Jonathan Andrew Moyer, Jessica Eiko Moyer, Devon Paul Moyer, Angelica Frances Moyer, Derek Christopher Aiziz/Moyer, Arisa Ydira Aiziz/Moyer/DuMarque, the Domain, F.I.R.M., the Hellstorm II, V, and 7C mecha, Juillet Gabrielle du Lac Moyer, and Ysandra are Copyright 1991-2009 Philip Moyer.

All other characters and concepts are Copyright their respective creators.

No money is being made from these creative endeavours.

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