Philip-M's Art Gallery for Amber Diceless Roleplaying

aka, "How To Make Trumps And Influence Amberites"

A long time ago in high school, I read the Amber series of novels, written by Roger Zelazny, detailing a universe of impressive powers and strange realities accessable by those with the blood of Amber or Chaos. In its way, the Amber novels served as the basis for my interest in multiple universes, which later led to the creation of Serendipity, and all the fallout from that. Amber Diceless Roleplaying, in turn, was my tentative introduction to roleplaying games, but I didn't really get into it much, given outside commitments, and so my interest in Amber ended up laying fallow for many years.

All that changed when I participated in John Biles's Amber Throne War one afternoon in July 2000. Since then, I have gotten back involved with Amber with a vengeance, documenting the history of Corrine, Princess of Amber, and illustrating the members of her family via the trumps she drew. I participated in John Biles's Through A Mirror Darkly Amber DRPG Chronicle, as something between an NCP Elder and a PC character, and I played as the PC daughter of my TAMD character in Unicorn no Seishi. And now, the final act begins, for the daughter of my UnS character, as one of the horsewomen of Forth The Nine Riders...

(IMPORTANT: As of the beginning of 2006, the TAMD-based Amber Campaign has effectively halted and does not look like it will be resurrected. Be that as it may, there will still likely be artwork relating to the campaigns still forthcoming in the future, but the frequency will likely go down in time.)

Collected below are various artworks, writings, and other things helping to illustrate Corrine, Kanna, and Shiori's world. I hope you enjoy them!

Due to the growth of this gallery, the entries have now been split into their own sections:

The artwork and writing listed here illustrates and takes place in the Through A Mirror Darkly, Unicorn no Seishi, and Forth the Nine Riders Amber DRPG campaigns designed by John Biles, and in the A Fistful of Finndos Amber DRPG crossover campaign designed by John Biles and Mike Loader, 2000-2004. No money is being made from these creative endeavours. The full credits may be found here.

Trump Cards : [Pre-Campaign] [Through A Mirror Darkly] [Unicorn no Seishi] [Forth The Nine Riders] [Related Campaigns]
Illustrations : [Pre-Campaign] [Through A Mirror Darkly] [Unicorn no Seishi] [Forth The Nine Riders] [Related Campaigns]

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