Philip's Art Gallery for Other Stuff

Believe it or not, I do make art for more than just Serendipity or Undocumented Features! Here is my list of still growing pieces from other series and realities...

Astatine/AquaRegia is Copyright (c) Greg Fishbone. Alice Barnes/Momentum, Angela Barnes, Flora of the Falcons, and Catalina de la Vega are Copyright (c) Mason Kramer. Ariel Burns Winde, Gabrielle O'Shea, Anthony DuMarque, the ALUCHQMOUSE, and Liz Tirkoff are Copyright (c) Eric A. Burns. Elizabeth "Healer" Tirkoff is Copyright (c) Gary Olsen. Cantata Jones, Hendrix Marie Wayne-Jones, and Tiphareth, Bright Lilim of Lightning are Copyright (c) Amy Borden. The Minions and Juillet Celestina are Copyright (c) Chris Angelini. Mark Celestina is copyright (c) James Rinehart. Dr. Theodore Diggers, Julia Diggers, Jetta, Thabian, Pojo, Alera, Gina Diggers, Britanny Diggers, and Brianna Diggers are Copyright (c) Fred Perry. Jordan, Seraph of Judgement and Betharan, Bright Lilim of Fire are Copyright (c) Elizabeth McCoy. Kallisti, The Dark Goddess, is Copyright (c) Larry Mann. The In Nomine art presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the In Nomine system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. All other characters depicted here are copyright their respective creators and whatnot, since I'm not about to look all this up while at work. *wg* No infringement or disrespect is implied by these images, and no profit was made from them.

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