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Judging from some of the feedback I've received, it seems many of those who have visited this page seem to be under the mistaken impression that both I and my conspirators must detest Hayao Miyazaki's fairytale creation to have sat down and written the ONE HUNDRED & ONE THINGS TO DO WITH A DEAD TOTORO.
     They couldn't be further from the truth.

I was originally introduced to My Neighbor Totoro way back in the November of '92, by my then new-found friend, and Trash City editor (for shame of a blatant plug: a highly entertaining fringe magazine), Jim McLennan.
     The weeks that followed that trip to see Totoro on the big screen were a nightmare; I just could not get over the movie's feel-good factor, and it rapidly rose to become one of my most favourite motion pictures ever -- animated or otherwise.
     Surely, I would have been doomed to a life without the inclination to watch anything, even remotely, violent (which isn't really a bad thing if you believe certain peer groups) if Jim hadn't brought up the subject of the fabled ONE HUNDRED & ONE THINGS TO DO WITH A DEAD TOTORO over a pint of Guiness one day in the middle of December.
     We never did manage to track down a copy, but it seemed such a shame to just give up on the idea, so why not just create our own?
     Et voila ... the result of several months work around the turn of 1993, by British anime fans of varying notoriety, with some more recent artistic additions by the infamous Ben Nuñez.

Oh, and before I forget: if you have any comments -- good or bad -- I'd love to hear them, so please feel free to send me some e-mail. :)

What's New?
February 27, 1996 · A new look, a new home ... and graphics to boot!
March 6, 1996 · Yet another new look, and lots of tweaking verging upon the pedantic. :)

Who's to Blame ...

edited, designed & produced by   * Kanji T. Bates

co-created with   * Jim McLennan

written by   * Peter J. Evans

from ideas suggested by   * Kanji T. Bates, Jayme Bates,
Mike Cross, Paul Grgic,
Lee Claydon, Brian Longstaff,
Helen McCarthy, Jim McLennan,
Peter J. Evans, Jim Swallow
and Paul Watson

color illustrations by   * Ben Nuñez


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