What is Anime Detective?

Well, Anime Detective is sorta something I created (with some help) as a change to some other projects I've been working on.

The main character is a police detective by the name of Andrew Mays. It's important to note that he prefers to be called Andrew, as opposed to "Andy." In fact, he despises being called "Andy," with one exception.

Often, he's called upon to solve some rather unusual cases, all of them involving Animates, or characters from anime shows who co-exist in the real world.

What does Andrew look like? Your guess is as good as mine. Y'see, I figured it might be more interesting if the reader imagines what Andrew looks like. There is no right or wrong look for him...although I will say that he's not the Harvey Bullock type. :-)

Statistics of Andrew Mays

Andrew's job relates to human-Animate interactions.  After what was known as the "Miyu Incident," his office was created in order to smooth out any roughness between humans and Animates.

Statistics for Ryo Saeba can be found on the Venice ftp site.
Ryo is Andrew's partner...and a worse punishment could not be inflicted upon the latter. Ryo does have his moments where his skill overrides his hormones, but other than those occasions, he can be more of a hindrance than a help. Andrew does manage to keep an eye on him, and often pounds him with the aforementioned one-ton mallet.

Statistics for Nene Romanova

In the third episode, she manages to get herself transferred to his department, where she officially serves as "administrative assistant."  It's evident that Nene holds Andrew in high regard, even from the first episode.  Where this might lead, however, remains anyone's guess.

Statistics for Stan Tai, the Sentai Detective.
(Note:  I've never given Stan a last name in the story proper, but it's Tai.  Really.)

Stan Tai is the Sentai Detective, and works next-door to Andrew.  He's a good cop, although his inherent weirdness and fondness for dramatic poses makes him one of the few people that can actually unnerve Andrew.  Often, their caseloads get mixed up.

And now....Anime Detective: The Case of the Sunken Skyscraper.

But wait!  There are still more Anime Detective stories!

Anime Detective:  Crossover Crisis. Who's messing up all the scripts in the city?  Why are some Animates making seemingly gratuitous appearances?

Anime Detective:  The Case of the Vanishing Vehicles.  The day's full of surprises as Andrew finds out that Nene is his new "administrative assistant."  Then come the auto thefts.  As if things weren't bad enough, now he's got a politician on his case!  Can he manage to find the culprit and keep his job going?

Anime Detective:  The Case of the Harrowing Halloween.  While on his way to one of the Chief's dreaded Halloween parties, the streets are suddenly flooded with oni.  Can Andrew, Ryo, and Nene find out the source? Moreover, can they succeed and survive the Chief's party?

Anime Detective:  Holiday Hassles.  No cases here...just Andrew and company trying to enjoy Christmas Eve.  This is more of a character-development story, but it has a few cute moments.  :-)

Anime Detective:  The Case of the Valentine Visitation.  Take one self-proclaimed Cupid of Love with one sleep-deprived detective.  Add in some new Bubblegum Crisis characters from the TV series.  Stir in a little chaos and a Valentine's Day dance, and serve.  Written with Jeff Hosmer.

Anime Detective:  Convention Chaos.  It’s time for The Con, the largest convention in the city, filled with fanboys, merchandising, and of course, a little bit of chaos.  Guess who has security detail?  J

Anime Detective:  Magical Girl Mayhem.  Overcute Animate girls are the bane of Andrew’s existence.  What will he do when he’s suddenly surrounded by them?  And why is Nene acting so weird?

More cases will be added when I finish them...

Any questions?  E-mail me!

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