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Listed below, for your edification, are some of the major PC's and NPC's in the In Nomine 2070 Pseudo-Campaign. This is by no means an exhaustive list.


  • Angels

    • AYRIE, Cherub of Creation in service to Jean
      Programmer, Troubleshooter, and protector of scientifically creative minds, both fictional and real. Philip's 'Guardian Angel', and thoroughly in love with him.
      Played by Philip J. Moyer

    • GIRI, Bright Lilim of the Sword

      Played by Amy Borden

    • IAN, Malakite of Lightning

      Played by Larry Mann

    • KIDUMIEL, Cherub of Lightning

      Played by Matt Gerber

    • LUXASTRA, Elohite of Lightning
      A pretty young woman who wears fire-red tresses down to her shoulders, possesses piercing green eyes, and a penchant for speaking with sarcastic surl whenever possible. The original Elohite of Surl, and in no danger of Falling.
      Played by Chris Angelini

    • MUON, Kyriotate of Lightning
      Newbie to Earth and on his very first mission dirtside. Completely infatuated by his resonance and TOYS! and prone to doing extremely disturbing things with both.
      Played by Amy Borden

    • RIPLEY, Ofanite of the Sword

      Played by Eric Burns

    • TAU, Kyriotate of Lightning
      Tiphareth's adoptive 'Big Brother" and player of Stupid Kyrio of Lightning Tricks. Currently mentoring Muon on his first Earthside Mission and trying not to be driven out of his little multitracking mind by him.
      Played by Amy Borden

    • TIPHARETH, Bright Lilim of Lightning
      Hacker par excellance, avatar of the Electronic Cute, devotee of tea and vicious attack cats, and with the obligatory amount of Bright Angst (tm, pat. pending). Self-describedly flakey and currently trying to figure out the problem of balancing personal life and Role with a certain Malakite of Lightning.
      Played by Amy Borden

    • VALANNA, Seraph of Lightning

      Played by Larry Mann

  • Demons

  • Humans

    • PAUL MANSFIELD, Soldier of Lightning
      Campus Cop, Father Figure, and carrier of the Kyriohamsters. A familiar fixture on the UIUC campus.
      Played by Philip J. Moyer

    • PHILIP MOYER, Soldier of Creation
      Writer, Artist, Programmer, Dreamer, Soldier. Married to Ayrie and not regretting it.
      Played by Philip J. Moyer

  • Etherials

  • Others


  • Angels

    • Besodiah ("Benjamin Deitricht"), Elohite of the Sword, Roman Catholic Priest assigned to Citidas Station
    • Chamael, Malakite Master of the Sword, Angel of Mars
    • Clary, Cherub of Flowers, Seneschal of the Arboretum-Hartley Gardens, UIUC
    • Dumah, Seraph of Dreams
    • Gediel, Ofanite Friend of the Sword, Angel of the Altitudes
    • Gehoriel ("George Horel"), Cherub Friend of the Sword, Seneschal of the Confederate Obelisk
    • Gennaneth, Cherub of Lightning
    • Halquim, Kyriotate of the Sword
    • India, Seraph of Judgement (Roving Triad leader)
    • Irpeel ("Penny Anderson"), Mercurian of Flowers, Assistant Doctor assigned to Citidas Station
    • Ithuriel, Seraph Master of Lightning, Seneschal of the National Air and Space Museum
    • Kafziel, Seraph Major of the Sword, Angel of Saturn
    • Khurdad, Reliever of Flowers
    • Kurah, Cherub of Lightning
    • Kyoko ("Kyoko Nakamura", Malakite Master of Flowers
    • Medanel, Malakite of Judgement (member of India's Triad)
    • Mehahel, Cherub of Lightning
    • Neah, Reliever of the Wind
    • Orael ("Archie Ormund"), Elohite of Flowers
    • Orc, Kyriotate Master of Lightning, Angel of Networks
    • Rhonoxiel, Cherub of Judgement (member of India's Triad)
    • Shunem, Elohite of Dreams
    • Shoshemai, Kyriotate Friend of Lightning, Seneschal of The Beckman Quad, UIUC
    • Turiel, Ofanite Master of Lighting, Seneschal of the Jupiter-Io Electrical Circuit
    • Vericola ("Giovanni Vericola"), Seraph of the Sword, Roman Catholic Monsignor in the Vatican
    • Xanthe, Cherub of Flowers, keeper of Novalis's appointments

  • Demons

    • "Ambrose Tivoli", Impudite of Lust, Marraige Counselor
    • "Moriah Cavendish", servitor of Technology, Virologist
    • "Rosamond Cosby", Balseraph of the Void, Executive
    • "Alex Lane", Habbalah of the Void, Psychologis
    • "Penelope Morgan", Lilim of Technology, Technical Liason
    • "Sandra 'Sunny' Rawlins", Impudite of Technology, Programmer
    • "Peter Rosencroft", servitor of the Void
    • "Sam Shepard", Djinn of Technology, Storage Level Worker
    • Aram ("Abraham Nelson"), Balseraph of Technology, Artificial Gravity Researcher
    • Balak ("Lars Kelarin"), servitor of Death, Maintenance Worker
    • Chesil, Shedite of Technology
    • Habor ("Boris Merril"), servitor of Death, Coroner
    • Harumaph ("Harlan Masters"), servitor of the Void, Security Guard
    • Helez ("Helen Alton"), Lilim of Theft (in trauma)
    • Japeth ("James Albright"), Impudite of Theft
    • Sethur ("Seth Klingle"), Calabite of Theft (in trauma)
    • Zobalink ("Jen Stevens"), Djinn of Death, Flight Deck Worker

  • Humans

    • 2-4601, TriOp "employee" 2-4601
    • Charley, Soldier of Valefor
    • Charles, Chemistry Graduate Student at UIUC
    • Nigel, Biological Engineering Graduate Student at UIUC
    • Les, Architectual/Civic Engineering Graduate Student at UIUC
    • Pitor, Engineering Graduate Student at UIUC
    • Tom, Citidas Station Food Services Employee
    • Zoe Abrams, Architectual/Civic Engineering Graduate Student at UIUC
    • Darien Alexander, Police Detective at Urbana-Champaign
    • Rebecca Alveirez, Campus Police Officer at UIUC
    • Hans Bichenbach, Citidas Station head of the Biology Department
    • Nathan D'Arcy, Citidas Systems Engineering
    • Edward Diego, TriOp Vice President of Marketing
    • Lara Dorsey, Citidas Station Programmer
    • Jared Fortier, Citidas Station Maintenance Worker
    • Abe Ghiran, Citidas Station Maintenance Level Supervisor
    • Jodi Haynes, Citidas Station Maintenance Worker
    • Arnold Hessman, Citidas Station Engineering Level Supervisor
    • David Honig, Citidas Station Chief of Security
    • Oscar Holemhurst, Citidas Station Mutagenics Researcher
    • Rosemary Kanawah, Citidas Station Director of Human Resources
    • Craig Lamond, Roman Catholic Cardinal of the Orbital Sphere
    • "Gerard Naismith", Giri's alias on Citidas Station
    • Charles Perkins, CEO of TriOp Corporation
    • Miles Petersberg, Arasaka Industries Cheif of Security
    • Arnold Randolf, Lt., TriOp Piloting Corps
    • Carl Robinson, Citidas Station Security Guard
    • "John David Ripley", Ripley's alias on Citidas Station
    • Willard Ritchie, Citidas Station Engineering Systems Administrator
    • Harry Riggs, Mercenary
    • Clem Samuels, TriOp pilot
    • Steven "Stevie" "Hackmaster" Sanchez, Citidas Station Diagnostic Analyst
    • "Brian Scheurs", Ian's alias on Citidas Station
    • Bianca Schuler, TriOp secretary
    • Gwynn Sheffield, Compsci Graduate Student at UIUC
    • Gunther Stackhouse, Cheif Medical Officer on Citidas Station
    • Mira Stackhouse, Doctor on Citidas Station, Gunther's wife
    • Lonni Stevens, David Honig's second-in-command on Citidas Station
    • Elizabeth Taggert, TriOp Computer Interaction Development Lead
    • Lydia Tivoli, former wife of David Westminster
    • Bianca Tivoli, David Westminster's daughter
    • David Westminster, Soldier of Valefor

  • Etherials

  • Others

    • S.H.O.D.A.N., Streamlined Hyper Optimized Data Access Network

Special Player Characters

  • Ash, Cute Kitten
  • Aria Andrews
  • Ninevah Andrews
  • Arconious, Herald of the Dominion
  • Angela Barnes
  • Alicyn "Ali" Baldwin
  • Bubbles, Pet Suezo
  • Calibretto, Wargolem, Bodyguard, and Xenobotanist
  • Patricia Chow, Cyborg Tigermorph Tunnelscout
  • Serena Chow, Tunnelscout
  • Juliette d'Ambrelle, Wandering Luckcased Swordswoman
  • Ursala Cori d'Ambrelle, Not-So-Wandering Luckcased Painter
  • April (of group Daisy)
  • Kimberly Desrin, Inventor and Lightning-girl
  • Isoke, Woman of Mystery
  • Carl Jenkins, The Narnian
  • Clark Jenkins, Staff-weilding Telekinetic Waterboy
  • Kimberly Tanya Jenkins, Girl from a Future Dream
  • Heather Jonson-Davis, Head of Facettes
  • Rip Jonson-Davis, Dancing through Life with Heather
  • Teri Bella LeBeau, Archeologist, Artifacer, and Adventurer
  • Mari, Bewinged Silvery Ghost-girl
  • Angelica Frances Moyer, Jedi Knight of the Light
  • Gabrielle DuMarqe O'Shea, "Armory" of the Thirteenth Legion
  • RHONDA, Kawaii Home Majordomo AI
  • Heather Ridel, Vampire Hunter
  • Noa Swanson, Techie and Layabout
  • Robyn Simmons
  • Tyche, Accidental Goddess of Luck
  • Kimberly Ward-Burns, Dancer
  • Sam Ward-Burns, Future Queen of Dreams
  • Carole Wynn, Speedster and Diety Heir
  • Marigold []
  • Colt []
  • Cecee []
  • Sally []
  • Alicia []

The In Nomine art, characters, and concepts presented here are I and my friends original creations, intended for use with the In Nomine® system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

The "In Nomine" and "flaming feather" graphics are (C) 1997-2000 Steve Jackson Games, Incorporated.

In Nomine® is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games, and the art here is copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by SJ Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

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