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-- 2070 --

Contributors and Author's Comments

Below are some of the varied and colorful personages who have helped make In Nomine 2070 what it is today, along with some of their thoughts about this entire project:

Philip J. Moyer -- pmoyer@jurai.net

Now, the first thing you may be asking is "Why In Nomine 2070?"

Well, the first answer I can give is "Well, why not?" The second, third, and fourth answers require a bit of history...

*Engaging Wavy Flashback Effect, Captain!*

Way back in the mists of time, specifically 1997, there came a roleplaying game to our shores by the name of In Nomine, courtesy of the folks at Steve Jackson Games. The scenarios and paragdim were intriguing, especially among the Eyrie Productions folks (and Gryphon and Redneck in particular), and I, being an aquaintaince/lurker on the online area where the EPU people shot the breeze and talked shop, got exposed to the In Nomine-themed discussions going around at the time. The concept and ideas intrigued me, especially since I had been developing a character, one Arisa Ydira Moyer (aka Arisa Aiziz), who happened to be half-succubus by the virtue of her mother Kallisti, one of Larry Mann's characters.

Arisa was skilled enough in magic to be a dimensional traveller, and rather long-lived by virtue of parentage, so I thought it would be fun and interesting to strand her in an In Nomine-based universe for a while, giving her a chance to learn and grow and find out that not all universes fit her own ideas of what was 'normal' in the afterlife, and that other Angels and Demons had their -own- ways of going about their business, thankyouverymuch. Arisa learned about the War and the Symphony, as well as saved/endangered the life of the alternate version of her father, one Philip Moyer, who happened to be going to college at UMDCP at the time. (It is an unwritten law of these sort of universes that the characters eventually end up meeting their Authors, after which said Authors become characters and are no longer in control of the story proper... but in the Serendipity-related universes, it is even more likely that the characters in question are -related- to the Authors in some convoluted fasion, and therefore things can get really amusing.)

I toyed with the idea, made some notes and an outline, and then shelved it, as I was also having to deal with various and sundry events in my life and work, as well as trying to write Serendipity Three through ever-increasing walls of writer's block. However, before the concept could be completely relegated to the unsorted top-down heap that is my pile of story ideas, Larry suggested that the alternate version of myself should end up being guarded by a Cherub-version of Aerianne in Arisa's absence. With that addition made, Arisa's adventures in an In Nomine universe were set aside and left fallow.

Several years passed, as years often tend to do. Life went on, work progressed, many and sundry digested list archives were read. Then, in early 1999, one of my friends, Eric A. Burns, got into In Nomine and started developing a concept of his own with Mason Kramer. This reminded me of the fact that Arisa had interacted with a similar universe in the past, and was now back history for her, since she and several of my other characters interacted with Eric's and Mason's on a regular basis. I dug out my old notes, which never had really gone away (save for a IN Movie Trailer that had been sadly lost in an account provider's hard drive crash), and started fleshing out that universe's development, and Arisa's participation with it, up to her measurement of "the present day".

Of course, since said idea had laid fallow for several years, some interesting ideas had sprung up within it in the meantime; and inspired by a character writeup in the Liber Servitorum, I decided to extrapolate a near-future history for In Nomine, where humanity had started leaving the bonds of Earth, despite demonic attempts to keep them from doing otherwise. I discussed these ideas with my friends, as I am wont to do, and more ideas and concepts began to be incorporated, courtesy of my friends Amy Borden and Larry Mann. As a result of this, the Pseudo-Campaign started, to help us flesh out the present-day of In Nomine 2070, as well as give some characters their shot in the spotlight. Soon after, Chris Angelini and Matt Gerber joined the crew, and helped flesh out the world even more, as well as add their own particular twist to events. (not to mention lightening the roleplaying load on Amy, Larry, and myself.

*Exiting The Wavy Flashback Zone, Sir!*

So, anyway, that brings us to the website that you see before you -- a consolidation of several different sources of ideas, a product of varied and sundry wacky imaginations, and a labor of love for those involved. We've had a lot of fun putting this all together, and take great pride in what we've done; and we hope that you'll enjoy reading In Nomine 2070 as much as we've enjoyed writing and roleplaying it.

--- Philip Jeremy Moyer, 1/10/2000

Philip Moyer, as of this writing, continues to live at home with his Mother, Brother, and Grandmother; and despite being occasionally driven up the wall by all three of them, continues to manage to have the occasional flash of creative insight as well as more than too much inspiration for his own damn good. In his off-hours (and occasionally -during- his on-hours when he SHOULD be working), he perpetrates Anime and Roleplaying related artwork and writing (which can be found elsewhere on this site), and hopes someday to complete Serendipity Three, despite the fact that the characters inside that work have all gone on to live full happy lives and have their own kids (who are planning on grandchildren one of these lifetimes). He likes LEGOs (especially the new Star Wars ones), Winnie the Pooh, and Pikachu, too many different published and online authors to count, and is a not-so-closet Romantic Optimist (with Realist insertions).

Amy Borden -- aborden@soltec.net

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Larry Mann -- lrmann@uci.edu

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Chris Angelini -- frobozz@eyrie.org

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Matt Gerber --

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Eric A. Burns -- eaburns@annotations.com

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