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This is a preliminary timeline for the In Nomine 2070 scenario, and is based off the timeline listed in the In Nomine Game Master's Guide, pp 92-94. Where events have diverged from the established canon, they are listed here. Events that do not yet have a set date, or that occur over a span of time, are listed in [Italicized Brackets].

Year Month/Day Event
[Late 1600's : Ian's first Earthside Assignment in Salem, Massacheusets]
1777 Ayrie, Cherub of Creation, fledges.
1932 Ayrie is put into service under Jean, Archangel of Lightning.
1957 Eli goes on Walkabout.
1974 10/15 Philip Moyer born.
1982 Ripley, Ofanite of the Sword, fledges.
1996 Arisa's first IN-Universe visit, during Philip Moyer's Senior Year. She manages to leave, and Ayrie is assigned to protect Philip. The IN.2070 universe learns of the existance of universes other than its own. Pokemon ("Pocket Monsters") is created in Japan, and becomes an instant hit.
1997 [Agents of the Dominion begin to be planted in IN.2070's Hell]
[The events portrayed in the In Nomine adventure in the Game Master's Pack, "Feast of Blades", pp 1-17, do not occur. The Dagger of Bithynia is still intact, and remains lost somewhere on Earth.]
1998 Construction of the "International Space Station" begins.
9/30 Pokemon introduced in America, catches on like wildfire.
1999 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. The Russian Mir Space Station is finally abandoned.
[Human space program continues to flounder.]
[Through a series of negotiations, a group of organizations in both the corporate, private, and government sectors among several countries form a consortium of buisnesses and agencies called "InterSpace"]
2004 "International Space Station" is finally Completed.
[InterSpace starts spinup and reevaluation of launch capability priorities. The VentureStar launch vehicle is pressed into service]
["The Program", a combined Media/Technology effort to corrupt mortal children into becoming potential servants and Soldiers via the use of cute animal companions, is established.]
2006 Luxastra "fledges" a Habbalah of Technology.
[Plans begin for a focussed effort to return to the Moon, albeit not majorly publiscized outside of InterSpace.]
[Several smaller, microgravity stations are put aloft by InterSpace. Active work begins on clearing out old, nonfunctioning satellites in LEO, Geosynch, and Polar orbits to make room for new ones.]
2008 Kidumiel, Djinn of the Media, "fledges". Luxastra goes Earthside, taking a computer class. This goes very badly for the students, which means very well for her.
2009 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. An InterSpace team lands on the edges of "Tranquility Base" (a recognized Terran Historical Site) to commemorate and to serve as a proof-of-concept for future landings.
2010 Arisa's second IN-Universe visit. Arisa meets Ayrie + co. Closet of Comics Creation Tether formed. Ayrie is by now married to IN-Philip. Kidumiel gets her Pikachu vessel and enters the "Program".
2011 Luxastra leaves teaching and goes into ISP work, beginning a very successful career of decent length traumatizing users.
[Plans begin being made for a permanent lunar station. Several small corporate-owned microgravity stations go up in Earth orbit, but are still under the watchful eye of InterSpace's oversight committees]
2012 Kidumiel's first charge dies by being run over by a car.
2013 Kidumiel is forced to take another charge.
[The beginning plans for the "Great Upgrade", marking a major overhaul, upgrade, and integration of the world's computer systems and networks]
2015 Kidumiel's second charge is seriously messed up by falling from a railing. "The Program" is taken down by Servitors of Lightning. Kidumiel subsequently redeems and becomes a Cherub (Pikachu) of Jean.
2016 Kidumiel, now Kimberly, takes on a Role as a student at UMDCP.
2018 Kidumiel takes on a co-op internship at WETA.
2019 Luxastra takes the sysadmin position at WETA. 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Landing. Liberty Base Lunar Station founded, construction begins. Serves as refuel/monitoring/science/planning station.
2020 Luxastra is redeemed to an Elohite of Lightning, thanks to Kidumiel's interactions with her.
[2020-2030 : Tiphareth is "born" in Shal-Mari; through skilled Geas-Bargaining, she manages to get enough computer skills to be 'marketable' to Technology.]
[Lunar City "Von Braun" founded, serves as a manufacturing and mining center.]
2025 "Radio Free Hell" pirate broadcasts by Creation, Lightning, and Trade servitors from captured Media Tethers allow for some creative countering of BalProp about Heaven and Redemption.
2026 50th anniversary of the Viking 1 Mars landing.
[An 'Island One' class station, "Bernal Alpha" is built in Earth Orbit, and serves as both proof-of-concept and testbed for major environmental systems and gravity-by-rotation in stations. Later on it will serve as a transfer point for space commuting and colonization]
2030 Arisa's third IN-Universe visit; Encounter with the Balseraph Knight of Lust.
2031 [Dominion agent infiltration increased in reaction to the events in Arisa's third visit.]
[Late 2030's-Early 2040's : Tiphareth's most dishonerable act occurs -- the accidental release of nasty bological warfare compounds after she hacked a coporate computer to get at them.]
2040 Armstrong City, permanent civilian colony founded on the Moon. Not directly managed/owned by InterSpace, but it is associated with them.
2044 Ressurection of Mariel by Vapula. Mariel becomes the Demon Princess of the Void.
2045 [Series of experiements occur after Mariel's ressurection by Vapula, as Vapula tries to ressurect several other dead princes. The attempts are less than successful.]
2046 70th anniversary of the Viking 1 landing. InterSpace sends an exploration team to Mars, which lands and then returns.
[Late 2040's-Early 2050's : First 'Island Three' Colony, "Asimov" is constructed at L4. "Clarke" follows at L5]
2050 Arisa's fourth IN-Universe visit, this time with Derek; encounter with the Lilim of Factions, and escape from Stygia.
2051 [Construction begins of "Lowell Base" on Mars]
[2050-2060 : Tiphareth is Redeemed by Lightning.]
2056 80th anniversary of the Viking 1 landing on Mars. Burroughs City officially inagurated on Mars. Welles and Bradbury stations are established on Phobos and Deimos.
[two other 'Island 3' colonies begin construction at L4 and L5]
[Pan Terran Mining Corporation wins contract for asteroid mining in the Asteroid Belt. Begins a station on Ceres.]
2065 Rhadamanthys Station completed in Europa orbit in Jupiter space. Serves as an InterSpace research facility and gateway to the outer planets. TriOp corporation founded.
2066 Arasaka Industries begins research into "artifical gravity". No infernal taint is found on the initial theorems, so Jean gives permission for the work to proceed apace.
2067 Beginning work is guardedly successful with Arasaka's artifical gravity systems, though the current equipment and power needs are impractical for long-term use and installation.
2068 Planning begins on TriOp's "Citidas" Station, which will be at the L6 point of Saturn.
2069 Construction begins on Citidas at Saturn L6.

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