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-- 2070 --

"... He made the stars, also."

An In Nomine Pseudo-Campaign and Campaign Setting

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth..."

But what about the rest of the universe?

The In Nomine® Roleplaying System is, at its heart, a Cinematic game. Angels and demons war across the earth, hidden powers plot and counterplot, incredible feats are pulled off, and every so often things go BOOM.

Science Fiction and Fantasy also tends to lend itself well to Cinematic Roleplaying. Various factions war across the cosmos, hidden powers plot and counterplot, incredible feats are pulled off, and every so often things go BOOM.

So why not combine the two?

These pages are designed to be a clearning-house for the developmental world-building notes, character and group writeups, and the alternate history of the In Nomine 2070 Campaign Setting. It is a world of the Near-Future, In Nomine style, nowhere near canon of course, but when humanity starts reaching for the stars, both Heaven and Hell find out that there's a lot of adjustments to be made, or else they're going to be left behind while the opposite side is heading for the stratosphere.

These pages also serve as a repository for the Campaign Logs and Character notes for the In Nomine 2070 Pseudo-Campaign. A "Psuedo-Campaign" is one where not all the conventions for Campaigning are followed, dice rolls are not always rolled or are ignored outright, and where strict rules-lawyering is less importaint than having a good time and telling a good story. We hope you enjoy what our twisted little wacked-out minds have come up with.

So sit back, relax, buckle your safety harness, check your oxygen supply, and get ready for a wild ride...

Liftoff in five... four... three... two... one...


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