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30 Mar 2003

LANStreamer driver snapshot updated.
16 Mar 2003

Well, after being really lazy for YEARS I've spent a bit of time in the last few days cleaning up my LANStreamer driver. Man, the things a couple of years of expreience let you do. :) Actually the driver didn't need many changes to function. There are quite a few features still left to be implemented and I know of a few bugs that I've yet to find but its progress right?

Anyhow, check here for more information.

I'm currently working on adding support for the Pit/Pit-PHY/Olympic cards in the LANStreamer driver rather than writing a separate driver. Once I make more progress on that I'll see if I can do anything for the TMS380 driver.

26 May 1999

Token ring support and the Olicom driver were committed to the FreeBSD 3.0-STABLE tree.

In addition, this site was updated, with several graphics changes and an About the BSD Daemon... page added. Links to documentation for several of the cards were added to the Resources section, as well as to each individual card's page. The IBM Busmaster card was added to the Drivers section.

18 May 1999

This site was updated, with content incorporated from both Larry Lile's and Nicolai Petri's FreeBSD Token Ring pages. Local mirrors of their site content are at:

4 May 1999

Larry Lile has written the generic 802.5 bits which have been committed to the CURRENT source tree. He has also added support to tcpdump to allow it to decode 802.5 frames.

Larry has also provided the first working driver for the Olicom boards. This code has also made it into CURRENT.

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