Volume 1 Issue 1
15 Jan 1996

"Otaku on the Net" Contest

We are looking for a mascot to represent AMPlus and its vision for the future of anime. Help us, and win some cool prizes!

As USA viewers eagerly await the final installment of this OVA, we look into why it became so wildly successful.

Mamoro Oshii, the acclaimed director of Patlabor 2, is back with a cyberpunk technothriller.


The technology of Ghost In The Shell.


In The Spotlight

Bandai's Emotion Festival.

Release Watch

Our list of new releases in Japan and the USA.

Manga Monitor

Shonen Sunday update, AP's Vampire Princess Miyu.

Anime Jargon 101.

Talkin' Anime

Hakkenden 3, Sol Bianca 2.

CD Spins

Fushigi Yuugi, X-Men, Kimagure Orange Road.

Video Games

Chrono Trigger, Destruction Derby, Samurai Showdown 3.

MACROSS PLUS ©1994,1995 Big West/Macross Plus Project ©1995 Manga Entertainment
GHOST IN THE SHELL ©1995 Shirow Masamune, Kodansha, Bandai Visual, Manga Entertainment