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Image of Luxastra


Elohite of Lightning

Corporeal Forces - 2 Strength : 3 Agility : 5 (Body Hits: 12)
Etherial Forces - 4 Intelligence : 9 Precision : 7 (Mind Hits: 36)
Celestial Forces - 3 Will : 7 Perception : 6 (Soul Hits: 21)

Vessel: Human Female/2, Charisma +2 (Pretty Green-Eyed Redhead)
Role: "Gillian Newman", Web Designer/2 (Status 4)
Skills: Artistry (web design)/3, Computer Operation/4,
Dodge/2, Electronics/2
Songs: Entropy(Corporeal/3, Etherial/3, Celestial/2),
Harmony (Etherial/2), Tounges(Corporeal/1)
Attunements: Seraph of Lightning, Elohite of Lightning, Remote Control
Discord: None
Relics: None

"You know, Kid? I used to be happy before I met you. I used to be at the absolute pinnacle of happiness and I soared so high that not even Himself could see me where I was. I used to be filled with such utter bliss that I could just kiss the sky and never come down. Yeah... i was happy before I met you... once. The day I was made, and then I found out what a total sewage-dump that life was.

"Now that I know you, I'm content. I was never content before. I never Fell, but maybe I did all those years ago when I had innocence for one tiny moment of my life and then it all got ripped away from me.

"I don't know about you, but I think I made the right trade."

How do you make a demon? Snips... snails... puppy-dog tails? Sugar and spice and everything nice?

No. Oh I could walk you through the mechanics of it; you drop the required Forces into a pot, simmer over Hellfire at 350 for forty minutes and serve hot... but that only tells you half the story. No, there's a trick to making a demon that so many Princess haven't clued in on for all the years they've passed roasting souls over their personal braziers.

You start off with the next best thing to an angel -- a child. You sculpt those Forces into a shape of innocent artistry and you breathe life into it and just as it's about to open its eyes onto a new life...

...and then you rip that innocence from its brow, like a midwife tearing a caul from a newborn child's face. See the beauty of it is that she never knows what did this to her, and she doesn't even understand what's gone on, so she never knows *what* it is she's missing. Just that there's a great big empty in the middle of her soul and that she's always got to be looking over her shoulder for the rest of eternety, never really sure what... what... what... might sneak up behind her one day and say 'remember me?'

Y'know, I'll never get over how easy it is for computers to turn folks against each other. It's a cushy job doing it -- cushier than regular web adminning, let me tell you.

See even now, people still don't know what goes on inside these grey boxes we all know and love. Technology's reached the same point that it did in the sixties: we've got too much of it, too fast for people to keep up, so the keys to silicon asention are held by an elite few In the Know about such things.

Secrets are knowledge. And knowledge is power. And power is leverage. When the president of your company might get his ass fired for not getting a report finished on time, and his computer just happens to be glitching the day before it's due, you suddenly have his nads in a jar.

And wow, was I ever a nutcracker.

Yes, I used to lie to myself about what I was doing back then... hells, I was convinced that I was doing Himself's work by divorcing people from their reliance on the Silicon god. Hey, one less false idol to worship, neh? In the meantime, I broke about every person I could find who wandered into my webby lair, and believe you me, I was creative. I had a one-hundred percent kill record up until one uppity little angel wandered into my grasp.

What can I say? I bow to superior firepower. I tried to get her to cry and instead she broke my Heart. We played a Game... which in the end turned out to be Sorry, which is what I said -- and which was enough for me to see the Superior way of life, so I jumped ship and well, here I'yam.

Hm? You don't believe I'm an Elohim sometimes? Well let me tell you something that you should have figured out by now. Surl is the ultimate distancing tactic that humankind has ever invented, and if I gave a damn, I'd be proud to call it my primary tool.

Y'all comprende?

Gillian is a pretty young woman of about twenty-four who wears fire-red tresses down to her shoulders, possesses piercing green eyes and has a penchant for speaking with sarcastic surl whenever possible. She's found this to be effective even when dealing on Celestial terms, which has more than once caused her fellow kin to wonder if she's getting close to Tripping back to her home spawning grounds. This couldn't be further from the truth due to an interesting paradox; Luxastra's surling keeps all of her reactions along the same general lines, no matter how she actually feels about something, while at the same time letting her act as the Voice of Reason. Thus, she rarely acts on her own emotional impulses while at the same time managing to find catharsis for her impulses.

It's a good setup, and it's worked for her for the past few years. She's got little reason to change her ways.

Addendums since Campaign Start (2070+):

  • None yet.

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