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Image of Laurael


Balseraph Knight of the Game

Corporeal Forces - 3 Strength : 5 Agility : 7 (Body Hits: 25)
Etherial Forces - 3 Intelligence : 6 Precision : 6 (Mind Hits: 18)
Celestial Forces - 4 Will : 9 Perception : 7 (Soul Hits: 36)

Vessel: Human Female/2, Charisma +1 (Attractive)
Role: "Laura Ellison", Casino Floorperson/3
Skills: Acrobatics/3, Climbing/3, Detect Lies/5, Dodge/4,
Fast Talk/6, Knowledge (Casino Operations)/3
Move Silently/3, Savoir-Faire/4, Seduction/1,
Singing/2, Swimming/3, Tracking/4
Ranged Weapon (Pistol)/3
Songs: Charm (Cel/4, Eth/2), Form (All/3), Harmony(Corp/2),
Healing (Corp/2), Numinous Corpus (Acid)/2, Shields (All/3)
Attunements: Balseraph of the Game, Dissonance Binding, Humanity,
Knight of Judgement
Discord: None
  • Unholy Pistol
  • Unholy Bullets: 6
  • Compass of Attunement

[Physical Desc in current vessel, Celestial Form Desc.]

  • Vessel: 30ish, long black hair, slender and dignified, attractive to anyone who finds businesswomen sexy
  • Cel form: entirely black with glowing red eyes

[Back History/Story]

  • [started out as a Gremlin and quickly distinguished herself by her ability to fast-talk or outright lie her way out of situations; soon put on Familiar detail by Asmodeus, where she proved quite good at tracking things]
  • [fledging to Balseraph was the obvious conclusion, enhancing her ability to fast-talk even more; she saves her resonance for those she knows do not have the power to resist whatever untruth she wishes to inflict on them, or for when she needs to put -her- perspective forward in a hurry.]
  • [assigned to Las Vegas where her Role affords her even more freedom of movement resonance-wise (casino staff by definition have their own perspective on their business, and customers expect and happily accept this; it's a haven for self- deception, and she loves it)]
  • [what she lacks in physical strength she makes up for in agility and raw Will power; she appears fragile but has a knack for escaping from dicey situations; and if escape fails, her Unholy Pistol makes for quite an escape fails, her Unholy Pistol makes for quite an equalizer]
  • [other Balseraphs make for poor company, because of her ability to -detect- lies; Asmodeus secretly finds this quite amusing and has considered giving her a Captain of Integrity distinction, just to see what would happen.]

[Current-day interactions, Role, and duties]

  • [in development]
  • [Role: floor supervisor for the Four Queens casino in downtown Las Vegas, a position which requires more flattery than fact in dealing with people.]
  • [Many criminals run to Las Vegas hoping to lose themselves in the sprawl; the same holds true for Renegades, and Laurael watches for these, together with her Shedim partner Shalateth.]
  • [Spends free time leading on one of the dealers who finds her intriguing, letting him believe she returns the feelings, and in the process keeping him complacent so Shalateth always has a ready host.]

Addendums since Campaign Start (2070+):

  • None, yet

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