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Image of Ian


Malakite of Lightning

Corporeal Forces - 3 Strength : 6 Agility : 7 (Body Hits: 42)
Etherial Forces - 4 Intelligence : 10 Precision : 6 (Mind Hits: 40)
Celestial Forces - 3 Will : 8 Perception : 6 (Soul Hits: 24)

Vessel: Human Male/4
Role: "Ian Zybsko", Corporate Security/3
Skills: Computer Op./1, Detect Lies/4, Dodge/5, Fighting/6,
Large Weapon (Sword/6), Mechanic/4, Medicine/1,
Ranged Weapon (Pistol/3, Rifle/3), Tactics/5
Songs: Motion (Corp/3), Numinous Corpus (Claws/2),
Shields (Etherial/5, Celestial/3), Thunder/2
Attunements: Malakite of Lightning, Generator
Malakite Oaths:
  • I will not suffer an evil to live when it is my choice.
  • I will never surrender or allow myself to be captured by
    the armies of Lucifer.
  • I will not allow the secrets of Lightning to fall into
    the hands of evil, particularly the forces of Technology.
  • I will protect the honor and lives of my fellow servitors,
    unless to do so would break my Oaths or defy the will
    of my Superior.
Discord: None

[Physical Desc in current vessel, Celestial Form Desc.]

[Back History/Story]

[Current-day interactions, Role, and duties]

Addendums since Campaign Start (2070+):

  • Celestial Forces: increased to 4,
    Will - 8, Perception - 8.
    Soul Hits : 32 ; Essence: 11
  • Perception - 10 (no Force increase),
    Song: Tounges (Ethereal/3)

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