Greetings to Quo fans across the world! Welcome to my humble Quo web page... This page is dedicated to all Quo fans out there, especially the Quo-starved fans of the Western Hemisphere that had't seen Quo--the most successful band in U.K. music chart history--tour this part of the world for more than twenty long years! However, Quo did return to Los Angeles, Toronto, and New York City in 1997...AND AGAIN A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO !!! I should note that this page is also in no way affiliated with Status Quo, their management, or their distributors. Nor am I responsible for any copyright violations committed by any of the pages that I have links to. My page is simply intended as a reference tool for research purposes only, and I am not profitting in any way from this page or from the band's name or material. Afterall, I'm only just a humble member of the few, the proud, the Quo Army of America! So kick back now, enjoy my web page, and maybe learn a little bit about the band from some of the sites below...and, of course, keep on rockin'!!!

North American Quo Info

Ram Samudrala's page with Rick Parfitt's Interview about the North American Tour

HardRadio's page with Francis Rossi's Interview about the North American Tour

Mike Paxman's page with Rhino Edward's North American Tour Log

Mike Paxman's page with North American Quo fans' Gig Reviews

Alex Gitlin's Status Quo in North America F.A.Q.

My Status Quo in the U.S. F.A.Q.

Quo Internet Sites (in alphabetical order)

Status Quo Fan Web Pages
John-Alex Berglund - Quo Fan Page
Thomas Boqvist - My Own Status Quo Page
Kike Caamao - Quo For You
Mike Contino - Mr. C's Web Page
Michael Dimmick - alt.music.status-quo F.A.Q.
Par Engstrom - Quo Picturepage
Eric Fave - Quo France
Alex Gitlin - From the Mailers Of...
Ronny Hafvenstrom - Pages of Matchstickmen
Roger Johansson - Collection of Quo Live Tapes
Timothy Langner - Tim's Status Quo Page
Rasmus Laursen - Where I Am: Danish Quo Page
Tony Marles - Australian Home Page
Gert Ohlsson - Rock 'Til You Drop
Mike Paxman - Official Status Quo Page
Gustavo Pereira & Fernando Vieira - Status Quo Brasil
Kristian Pohlmann & Jim Wiseman - J & K's Status Quo Page
Per Rannug - Quo Lyrics & Guitar Tabs Page
Stuart Till - Mr. Quo's Page
Dyon van Baest - Quo: The Reason for Living
Martin van den Berg - Rockin' All Over the World
Other Quo Sites on the Net
Derek Bickerdike - Quo Screen-Saver
Cheers! - Quo-influenced Band
Dag Ingbrigtsen - Pic of Norwegian Star with Quo
Delerium Music Web Site - Psychedelic Music Web Page
Midi File Central - "In the Army Now" Midi
Midi Files - "In the Army Now" Midi
Pollstar Tour Information - Status Quo Tour Info
Rockhouse Music Mail-order - CD Ordering Information
Rough Guides Music Page - Status Quo Site
Ultimate Band List - Status Quo Site
Wisconsin-Parkside Archives - Status Quo Pictures
Yahoo Music Web Site - Status Quo Site

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Quo IRC Info - Live chat with Quo fans around the world!

Take a look at John-Alex Berglund's Quo IRC Channel Page and you'll be ready to chat about Quo to your heart's content in no time!

alt.music.status-quo - The Quo newsgroup!

For a good newsgroup to discuss Quo on, try alt.music.status-quo

Quo Memorbilia - Memorbilia seekers!

For Quo posters, magazines, and tour programs contact W. Martin Otten for details.
For a special Australian edition of Quo's greatest hits on CD, contact Brian Smith.
For Quo videos and albums, contact Alex Gitlin.

A special thanks to Alex Gitlin and Les Dicks for generously providing some information for this page. And, of course, thanks to Quo and their management, as well as those that run the other Quo fan web pages on the Internet!

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