Time Marches On...
And the way we've been feeling here at AMPlus, it's marched right on over us! Welcome to the second issue of AMPlus, the new online anime magazine. It seems as if we debuted on the Web only yesterday. If this is your second visit, thank you for returning to visit us. If this is your first visit, come on in, and be sure to check out the previous issue (our premiere!)

Remember the mascot contest? Well, we've been so busy trying to put this issue together that we haven't all been able to look at the submissions. But we'll get around to it as soon as humanly possible, I promise. Meanwhile, we would like to encourage you once again to submit your drawings to us--need I remind you of the free loot you can win?

This Issue
AMPlus takes you on a trip to Tokyo-3, the home of the new Gainax Series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Carl Horn is your tour guide, and he's got plenty of inside information on this show that has already impressed a number of die-hard anime fans. This is the first television show that Gainax has done since Nadia of the Mysterious Seas. Get the exclusive right here in AMPlus.

And video game fans, take note! This issue is bursting with game reviews--so many in fact that we couldn't publish them all this issue!

Ever wonder what it's like to attend a premiere of an anime film? Well, Ryan Gavigan was at the U.S. Premiere of Manga Entertainment's Ghost in the Shell, and we've got the story as only Ryan can tell it.

And before we leave you to explore what's within our virtual 'pages,' I would like to point out that this magazine would not be possible without the dedicated work of many people. Our design staff, comprised of Keith Rhee and Geir Friestad, is nothing short of amazing. They have been forced twice in a row now to work under incredible time constraints and have come through with flying colors. If you appreciate their work, let them know--it makes the all-nighters a lot easier to tolerate. We want to know how we're doing. Send us e-mail and tell us what you like, don't like, and want to see in future issues.

Charles McCarter
Senior Editor