-- Update by Eri Izawa

Selected Brief Updates:

  • Series: Me Gumi no Daigo
  • Author: Masahito Soda

    Issue 7: Daigo, the young fireman, realizes that a local neighborhood looks ripe for fires. Made of old wooden homes packed together, the area rings every alarm bell in his head; yet it has been amazingly lucky. In the meantime, thanks to his new company rival's complaining, he has become aware of his boss' short schedule. The laid-back Gomi comes in on time and leaves on time while the others stay late. Daigo, despite his respect for Gomi, finally follows him after work one day. Daigo discovers that Gomi makes daily rounds of the tinderbox neighborhood, giving out fire-prevention advice and taking time out to monitor leaf-pile fires to make sure nothing goes awry. The whole reason, Daigo learns, that the neighborhood has been "lucky," was due to Gomi's single-handed and uncelebrated efforts.

    Issue 8: Daigo hears of a loose tiger's recapture by the rival fire company. Later, his teacher friend arranges to have a dinner date with him for two days hence. And finally, that night, Daigo helps the a guard check on a building's electrical system. However, at the same time, he discovers there's a tiger loose in the building....

  • Series: Love
  • Author: Ishiwata Osamu

    Issue 7: Love, the girl-posing-as-a-boy tennis player, is busy reaming the powerful Rappa in their match. But Rappa suddenly realizes the one way to get around her low-flying "penguin" shots, which were born of his high-spin shots.

    Issue 8: Rappa begins using straight, spinless attacks, whose energy Love can only absorb and return with her lesser strength. Love begins to bend under his relentless play. There are still two more sets to go.

  • Series: Grooming Up!
  • Author: Yuki Masami

    Issue 7: At the vast horse farm that belongs to rival Satoru's father, Shunpei learns that the farm's horses have won every major Japanese race except for the key Japan Derby. The one time a horse came close, it was beaten out by a Watarai farm horse (the farm where Shunpei works). Later, Shunpei and Satoru overhear Midoriko asking Hibiki if she'd like to date Satoru.

    Issue 8: Hibiki hedges and says that Satoru is a "nice person." Midoriko presses on, and asks if perhaps she has feelings for Shunpei instead. To Shunpei's utter dismay, Hibiki lists off all his faults. Later, Shunpei is told by Satoru's father that the most important thing is to think only about horses --- and not about girls. Shunpei reflects on this later. Meanwhile, Hibiki remembers that Shunpei is good at one thing --- housework --- and regrets not having said so. And finally, Satoru realizes that being called a "nice person" is not at all a compliment.

  • Series: Ghost Sweeper Mikami
  • Author: Shiina Takashi

    Issue 7: A multi-eyed, fashionably dressed being named Hyakume (Hundred Eyes) drops in on Mikami and Yokoshima, announcing that she has been sent from the gods' world to investigate Mikami. Mikami has, after all, recently been a demon target, among other bizarre events. Hyakume, however, fails to read Mikami's previous life (leaving aside Yokoshima's joke that Mikami may have been an influenza virus). Hyakume uses Mikami's time-teleport ability and takes them back to the city of Kyoto in the Heian era of ancient Japan. This is where she has pinpointed Mikami's previous life to have been. But Yokoshima has come along too, and Hyakume realizes she can't bring all three of them back to the present.

    Issue 8: Mikami, Yokoshima and Hyakume try to find out what they can of Mikami's past life in the Heian era, but she doesn't appear to be there. Meanwhile, Mikami makes a bundle by doing illegal ghost-busting. They discover Yokoshima's previous self, however, and another person who seems vaguely familiar. Unknown to Mikami, though, a devil by the name of Mephisto Pheles that looks suspiciously like Mikami, has come to meet Yokoshima's previous self, seemingly to bind a contract with him....

  • Series: Ushio to Tora
  • Author: Fujita Kazuhiro

    Issue 7: Tora finally defeats Nagare, the traitor.

    Issue 8: Tora argues with the dying Nagare, who recounts again how he somehow could not tolerate the honesty and trust in Ushio's eyes. Nagare points out to Tora that Tora himself had been holding himself back from killing Nagare outright --- because Ushio had asked Tora not to kill Nagare. Nagare dies. Meanwhile, Ushio, inside a small submarine, has finally come to the underwater place where the evil Hakumen no Mono lies, in order to save his mother from the incoming missile.

  • Series: Major
  • Author: Mitsuda Takuya

    Issue 7: Shimizu, tired of Honda's cruel teasing and of her own incompetence, quits baseball. Honda, who believed her words about not liking baseball, makes no effort to stop her. However, in seeing her vacation essay about baseball, he suddenly realizes that she did, in fact, love baseball. Then he remembers that he himself had taken responsibility for Shimizu's enjoyment of baseball long before.

    Issue 8: Honda, Komori and Sawamura catch Shimizu before she can return her baseball equipment. Dragging her out to the baseball field, Goro has the other hit balls for her to catch. Since she can't catch them, he takes her by the hand and leads her. Together, he says, they'll banish her incompetence; he won't let go her hand until she has learned how to catch outfield fly balls.

  • Series: Ranma 1/2
  • Author: Takahashi Rumiko

    Issue 7: Ranma, carrying the dehydrated, doll-like Akane, has been captured by the brain-washed Shampoo. Shampoo tries to seduce him; Ranma seizes the opportunity and finds the mind-control eggs on her. The others noisily rush in, thinking Ranma is taking advantage of Shampoo. After much confusion, Ranma manages to catch Shampoo within a magic egg. As Mousse daydreams about breaking open the mind-control egg and having Shampoo become his willing girlfriend, the bird people have meanwhile discovered that their Prince's giant egg is being prematurely fractured open....

    Issue 8: Mousse finally does the right thing: he holds a mirror in front of her face as she hatches, thus freeing her from the spell. Just then, Prince Saffron's egg breaks open, and the Jyusenkyou five fall through the floor to witness his new hatching. Saffron reveals his would-be role as King was to be the equivalent (in Ranma's words) of the local electricity and gas company, but since his transformation was cut short --- Ranma cuts him short, demanding the magic Jyusen water be used to re-hydrate Akane, and Saffron attacks. Suddenly, Ranma realizes that Akane's eyes are closing.