1994 Honda Fourtrax 300 - TRX300FW

10 August 2009

Spent a brief amount of time securing 2 50cal cans and a 5L jerry can to the rear of the rack.

Enough space for tools, first-aid kit and tie-down straps for the cargo racks.

27 July 2009

23 July 2009

Got Taarrrs!

Ordered yesterday and the front set are here in less than 24 hours.

Got them installed this evening with not too much trouble.

18 July 2009

Changed front, rear differential fluid, transfer case fluid and oil, filter.

Pulled racks and repainted.

After reviewing the part diagram it appears that the stud that the retaining washer and cotter pin sit on is totally gone. Further, it appears that a number of small parts -- seals etc. are no longer installed! Need to sort that out.

17 July 2009

Installed new rear brake drum, shoes. Rear brake cables appear to function just fine.

Replaced front wheel, rear axle vent lines.

Need to replace rear brake cover and seal at some point.

14 July 2009

Ground off the head of the frozen bolt after trying a variety of lesser methods to free it. I'll drill it out now that I've got the brake plate removed.

Its not surprising that the rear brakes were not functioning!

New shoes and drum ordered.

12 July 2009

Freed up right side adjusters. Front brakes working fine now.

Attempted to pull rear brake housing cover but a rounded off bolt thwarted my efforts today. Will revist later.

11 July 2009

Pulled front wheels and inspected brakes, bleed. Right side brake shoe adjusters are frozen. Applied PB Blaster.

Inspected front & rear differential oil level. Levels are OK but oil will need to be changed.

All the vent lines need replacement.

Need to get the right wrenches for the rear axle lock-nuts.

Need to sort out replacment body panel hardware.

10 July 2009

Purchased yesterday from a fellow down in Spotsylvania.