v. 1.2
by Alex Gitlin

Upon popular demand, here's a small QUO FAQ (sort of), as compiled
by me originally on Dec. 22, 1994.

In March/April 1994, Record Collector magazine has published a
two-issue Quo feature written by a friend of mine and another 
Quofan, Jason Hodgson of Harrogate.  It included a definitive 
retrospective of the band, a definitive singles and albums 
discography and videography, as well as a superb interview with the 
man himself, Francis Rossi (and a bit of Rick, if I reckon 

Anyway, some of the following paragraphs are helpful hints for 
other Quofans on the net who are trying to locate the stuff, so 
please don't be confused.  Afterall, this is my first attempt to 
throw together a FAQ of some sort...

Here goes...
Part I: Helpful hints and the Quo story:

...the ony Back2Back release NOT to buy is "Whatever You Want"/"Just
Supposin'" as it lacks 2 album cuts, "High Flyer" and "The Wild Ones".  
The others are OK, but I would still have preferred individual CD 
issues instead, as the quality of album cover art has definitely 
suffered on the Back2Back releases.

Alan Lancaster left the group in 1984, after a bitter court 
injunction, which he had lost... The band had broken up for about a 
year, and, although they did appear with Alan on bass at the Live 
Aid concert in 1985, this was a one-off, and their next (imminent) 
reunion was with new members, John Rhino Edwards (bass) and Jeff 
Rich (drums, ex-Stretch, Champion, Def Leppard).

John Coghlan left in 1981, after the decade of "greasy boogie" had 
ended and a more commercial feel of Rossi and Parfitt's songwriting 
had filled the air instead (although R&P couldn't stand each other 
by then); he formed his own band later on, called JC's Diesel, in a 
commercial '80s hard rock vein.

In 1986, SQ made a huge comeback with "In the Army Now" (highest
chart position: single #2, album #7) and have never quite left the
scene since, participating in many great events around England 
(like that 1991 signing of their "Just For the Record" book, their 
bio, and the Blackpool "switch"), and playing constantly around the 
UK and mostly Europe... 

Here's my scoop of their post-1980 releases:

1980     Just Supposin'
1981     Never Too Late
1982     1+9+8+2
1983     Back To Back
1986     In the Army Now
1988     Ain't Complaining
1989     Perfect Remedy
1990     Rocking All Over The Years (of all compilations, perhaps 
	    the most significant one - it reached #2 in the album 	
	    charts and is the definitive Quo collection)
1991     Rock 'Til You Drop
1992     Live Alive Quo (live as you could guess :)
1994     Thirsty Work
1995     Don't Stop
1980     Just Supposin' (#4)- a great follow up to their #3 hit 
"Whatever You Want" LP, great tracks off the top of my head: Lies 
(#11), "What You're Proposin'" (#2), "Wild Ones", and Rick's
quasi-disco spoof, "Don't Drive My Car" (recently rechristened as
"Can't Drive My Car" by poor Rick who's been banned from driving
for a year after a reckless accident.

Done in the style you must be mostly familiar with - "no nonsense
boogie" with just a touch of synth (hopefully not enough to 
irritate you). Most tracks are fast, very melodic and very 

1981     Never Too Late (#2) - Good solid rock; early '80s Quo 
(excellent production, too!); the denim and leather thing still
there, warts'n'all!  Great cuts: "Something Bout You Baby I Like",
(#9), "Rock'n'Roll" (#8), a ballad penned by keyboardist Andrew 
Brown, and "Riverside".

Probably more pop and more synth than its predecessors, but
not too much.  It's still a great rock album... In 1981, tons of 
New Wave Of British Heavy Metal acts started coming out, which, 
much as punk rock, seemed to threaten Quo's popularity Status... In 
reality, nothing can affect it.  They still sell out venues and 
their "Never Too Late" album reaches #2!

1982     1+9+8+2 (#1) - this one many fans regard as a shoddy
offering.  A lot of synth, a lot of brass (where'd that come from),
and more keyboards than ever.  Tunes are generally uneven, but I
still like a lot of them: "Dear John" (#10), "She Don't Fool Me"
(#36), "Jealousy", "Young Pretender" (my favourite), although there
are some stinkers, primarily penned by our friend Alan Lancaster
(not that he's a bad songwriter or anything): "I Want The World To
Know", "Big Man".

The year 1982 was also marked by their televised concert at the
NEC, Birmingham, in the presence of HRH Prince or Duke of some 
sort(?), which is now available on a home video, aptly titled 
Status Quo Live (or in case of the CD of the same gig, Live at the 
NEC 1982) - great concert indeed.

1983     Back To Back (#9) - despite the latest metal craze
(Fastway, Gary Moore, Motorhead, etc.), Quo's popularity still
seems unaffected, and sales are far from dwindling (#9 ain't bad
for a veteran British Rock group in the age when Michael Jackson,
Def Leppard, and Dire Straits seem large enough to take away all
the glory)... The greasy boogie idea is back - at least on the
cover (two lorries, standing back-to-back); Pete Kircher on
drums.  Tunes: "Ol' Rag Blues" (#9), "Mess Of Blues" (#15, 
Pomus/Shuman), "Marguerita Time" (#3, mellower Quo), "Going Down 
Town Tonight" (#20, 1984).

This year, a dispute occurred between Alan and R&P; Alan didn't 
like the more commercial approach R&P undertook in the recent 
years, and was generally a pain in the behind, wanting to move to
Australia and take the whole band with him... When R&P refused, he
took the matters to court, hoping to prevent R&P from using the 
name SQ.  Well, he lost!  He then departed to Australia where
his wife lived then, and joined the Party Boys (again, I heard 
their S/T album isn't anything to write home to England about);
he's been rumoured since to have commented about a possible 
reunion, "I won't confirm it but I won't deny it... Time heals 
all wounds", so anything's possible.  (I would feel bad for Rhino
if he was fired because Alan wanted to come back, though, but it
doesn't look like it's going to happen anyway).

Their famous comeback happened in...

1986     In the Army Now (#7) - (the introduction of the
current lineup) - a great rock album, very modern, very up
to date, a lot of synth, a far cry from "Piledriver", but you 
gotta love 'em!  Tunes: "Rollin' Home" (#9, prod. by Dave Edmunds), 
"Red Sky" (#19 - great video, very humourous), "In the Army" (#2), 
"Dreamin'" (#15).

Tunes are generally even in production, speed, creativity, etc.  I
love the last one on the album, "Speechless" - written by Ian Hunter.

1988     Ain't Complaining (#12) - THE BAND showed signs of 
gracious aging for the first time.  A lot of great tunes, but not 
all of them are fast-paced kick-ass rockers. A weaker offering 
compared to its predecessor, but still has a few mean songs, title 
track (#19), "Who Gets The Love" (#34), "Burning Bridges" ("On &
Off & On Again") (#5 - a great pop-rock shuffle, rhythm favoured by
Rossi: "When I was a kid, one of the first tunes I heard was 'Papa 
Piccolino' which was a shuffle" (or something like that).

1989     The dreaded US compilation came out, binding material from 
two previous LPs and the otherwise unreleased 1988 update version of
"Rockin' All Over the World".  This compilation is quite dreadful, but
the only one available from '89 to '91 in the US and my introduction 
to "Ain't Complaining" album.  Now out of print.

1989     Perfect Remedy (#49) - the lowest album chart placing in
years, and it deserves it!  The tunes are deemed by many die-hard
Quo fans as wimpy and superficial - a really low point for Quo. A
lot of synth and not much of that no-nonsense rock'n'roll we're so 
accustomed to.  Country tunes, "Tommy's in Love", late '80s styled pop 
tunes ("Heart On Hold" - yuck!), "Not At All" (#50 - one of the better 
tunes on the album), "Little Dreamer" (I like this one too).  
Personally, I don't play this album much these days.  But the video 
from that tour I do like.  It's titled "Rocking All Over the Years" 
- Live, Birmingham 1989.  Here's what Rossi had to say for himself: 
"We have a new album now...most people have new albums..."  They 
still rock live on this one.

1991     Rock Til You Drop (#10) - this is a true Quo comeback!  
The emphasis is on heavy rock'n'boogie, not pop, and the sign of 
the times makes itself quite visible!  They haven't aged much, 
judging by the songs on this one "Like a Zombie", remakes of their 
"Can't Give You More" (#37), and 4500 Times (about time they threw 
in some oldies!).

"Don't know whose fault it was... Not unlike the Marx Brothers... 
OK, let's Roll it!"  The CD contains 16 tracks, unlike the vinyl 
LP, which only has 12 (album cover art is quite bad though).

"Rock 'Til You Drop" was actually heavily promoted and televised; 
it resulted in a double video documentary of the same title, as 
well as the band being placed in the "Guinness Book of World Records"
for playing the most gigs (5) in the shortest period of time (less than 
12 hours) around the UK.  This marathon was pretty rough on the 
boys, but they handled it with enviable courage, as documented by 
the video.  Jason Hodgson has been to one or two of those gigs so 
he'll tell you more... if he ever regains internet access... :)

1992     Live Alive Quo (#37) - a cheeky title only Quo can get away 
with, and their 1st live album since the famous "Live" from 1977.  
I love this one, but most group subscribers don't seem to favour it 
much, especially those who were present at the concert.  Recorded at 
the Party at the Sutton Park, and contains a lot of their great 
early and mid-career hits ("Don't Drive My Car", "Whatever You Want", 
etc). Rossi: "Rolling Stones play most of their old material during 
their gigs, why shouldn't we?... Actually, I am sick and tired of 
singing Rocking all over the World for the N-th time... And what 
the fuck does 'Down Down' mean? Fuck knows!" (Quote from Tom 
Hibbert's backstabbing 1992 "Q Magazine" interview. Don't hold me to 
it, as Hibbert is an infamous liar!)

The video is even better.  It showcases Andy with harmonica during 
the Roadhouse medley and contains a bonus video remix of their 
recent hits!

1994     Thirsty Work (#13) - their 1994 European and British
tours were a storming success, and I have lots of reviews from
those who've been to the concerts that year (including myself)
somewhere on the diskspace - email me your requests... I have one
from the Netherlands, a few from the Chelmsford Spectacular, and a
bunch of reviews of the Blackburn, Blackpool, Sheffield and Wembley
gigs, as well as one or two Finnish reviews...

Three singles have been spawned by the new album, "I Didn't Mean 
It" (#21), "Sherri Don't Fail Me Now!" (#38), and later, a Jennifer
Warnes cover, "Restless" (#39), which Radio One refused to play!

Gigs continued well into the year 1995, a US appearance having been
promised but not delivered, (where some hoped "Restless" would 
finally break them big, as it is a very American sounding tune.)

1995     Don't Stop (#2) - their biggest album chart success in 
years, was greeted by Quo fans around the world with mixed 
feelings.  Indeed, many didn't know what to make of their 
collaborations with the Beach Boys on "Fun Fun Fun" (#24) or Maddy
Prior (of Steeleye Span) on "All Around My Hat" (#47).

This album is a collection of covers of classic rock and pop tunes, 
like the Searchers' "When You Walk in the Room" (#34), Fleetwood
Mac's "Don't Stop" (#35), The Beatles' "Get Back", and much more,
and is, generally, a Rossi-dominated pop record, as far removed from
the original spirit of heads-down-boogie Quo we were all accustomed to.

Despite the chart success, BBC Radio One refused to play Quo's 
singles and, subsequently a lawsuit ensused between Quo and BBC.  
BBC have won the first round, and thus got away with not playing 
Quo, if they so choose, despite the band's country-wide and 
continent-wide appeal and popularity.  Undeterred, Quo continue to 
persevere and play more excellent gigs, like the Munich, Germany 
(earlier this year; review elsewhere on this page), and Frankfurt, 
Germany (a bootleg of which has already made several rounds amongst 
Quo diehards).

1997     Whatever You Want: The Very Best of Status Quo (#13) - no
comment availiable yet due to its very recent release.

We, Quo fans, have stuck with the band through thick and thin, good 
records, and crap ones.  If Francis Rossi decides that now, in the 
mid-90s, it's time to mellow out and aim for wider mass appeal, 
then more power to him.  I, for one, would like to see more of 
Rick's contribution to the band, and maybe another album in 1997 
that would be even more *back to the roots* than 1991's "Rock 'Til 
You Drop".

The band still rock live, and Rick's interpretations of "Get Back" 
and Bob Seger's "Get Out of Denver" are scorching hot!

Hope this helps.  As I said, above are solely my opinions, and my
potted history might be quite incorrect in places (hint hint!)
so please feel free to make corrections and pinpoint them to me.

Here's to Quo in the year 2000!

Part II: For North America only--Quo material availability (FAQ)

The US pressings of the following albums can be occasionally found 
at your used record store (*--indicates "If you're extra lucky!):

Pictures Of Matchstick Men (68) *
Piledriver (73) *                                A&M
Hello (73)                                       A&M
Quo (74)                                         A&M
On The Level (75)                                Capitol or Vertigo import
Status Quo (76) (a.k.a. Blue For You)            Capitol
Rockin' All Over the World (77)                  Capitol or Vertigo import
Live! (with bonus 7" Wild Side of Life) 2LP      Capitol
If You Can't Stand The Heat (78) *               Vertigo import
Now Hear This (80) (a.k.a. Whatever You Want)    Riva / Polygram
Status Quo (jukebox, sneakers, guitars and drumsticks on the cover)
           (actually, a compilation of songs from 2 albums, '86 In the
            Army Now, and '88 Ain't Complaining)  
            Polygram CD, cassette or LP (now deleted)

CDs generally available at budget prices at Tower Records, etc:

(Castle Communication imports):

Pictures Of Matchstick Men (68)
Spare Parts (69)
Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon (70)
Dog of Two heads (71) 
...and various Pye records era compilations (Castle Collection,
1985; The Early Years, 1993; etc., etc. - there are tons)

Imports available through various vendors/importers in Goldmine (US

Piledriver, Hello, Quo, On the Level, Blue For You, Rockin' All
Over the World, and...

Live! (2CD), 

If You Can't Stand The Heat (usually coupled with 1+9+8+2 on a
2-on-1 CD),

Just Supposin' (79) (usually coupled with Whatever You Want (80)
on a 2-on-1 CD), 

Back To Back (83) (usually coupled with Never Too Late (81) on a 
2-on-1 CD),

In the Army Now (86), Live At the NEC 1982, Ain't Complaining (88),
Rocking All Over The Years (90 - a definitive collection), 
Perfect Remedy (89), Rock 'Til You Drop (91), Live Alive Quo (92),
Thirsty Work (94), Don't Stop (95), Whatever You Want (97), and the
new one is in the making currently...

Try Music Machine (410)356-4567,
Rock Dream (609)275-8171, 
Worldwide CD (312)665-0030,
or Sprockets (313)284-2212.
They all take credit cards.

Part III: Highest U.K. chart positions

Year     Title                                Highest Chart Position
1968     Pictures Of Matchstick Men                      7
1968     Ice In The Sun                                  8
1969     Are You Growing Tired Of My Love               46
1970     Down The Dustpipe                              12
1970     In My Chair                                    21
1972     Paper Plane                                     8
1973     Mean Girl                                      20
1973     Caroline                                        5
1974     Break The Rules                                 8
1974     Down Down                                       1
1975     Roll Over Lay Down                              9
1976     Rain                                            7
1976     Mystery Song                                   11
1976     Wild Side Of Life                               9
1977     Rockin' All Over The World                      3
1978     Again And Again                                13
1978     Accident Prone                                 36
1979     Whatever You Want                               4
1979     Living On An Island                            16
1980     What You're Proposing                           2
1980     Lies / Don't Drive My Car                      11
1981     Something 'Bout You Baby I Like                 9
1981     Rock'n'Roll                                     8
1982     Dear John                                      10
1982     She Don't Fool Me                              36
1982     Caroline (Live)                                13
1983     Ol' Rag Blues                                   9
1983     A Mess Of Blues                                15
1983     Marguerita Time                                 3
1984     Going Down Town Tonight                        20
1984     The Wanderer                                    7
1986     Rollin' Home                                    9
1986     Red Sky                                        19
1986     In The Army                                     2
1986     Dreamin'                                       15
1988     Ain't Complaining                              19
1988     Who Gets The Love?                             34
1988     Running All Over The World                     17
1988     Burning Bridges                                 5
1989     Not At All                                     50
1990     Anniversary Waltz (Part One)                    2
1990     Anniversary Waltz (Part Two)                   16
1991     Can't Give You More                            37
1992     Rock 'Til You Drop                             38
1992     Roadhouse Medley                               21
1994     I Didn't Mean It                               21
1994     Sherri Don't Fail Me Now!                      38
1994     Restless                                       39
1995     When You Walk In the Room                      34
1996     Fun Fun Fun                                    24
1996     Don't Stop                                     35
1996     All Around My Hat                              47

1972     Piledriver                                      5
1973     Hello!                                          1
1973     The Best Of                                    32
1974     Quo                                             2
1975     On The Level                                    1
1976     Blue For You                                    1
1977     Live                                            3
1977     Rockin' All Over The World                      5
1978     If You Can't Stand The Heat                     3
1979     Whatever You Want                               3
1980     12 Gold Bars                                    3
1980     Just Supposin'                                  4
1981     Never Too Late                                  2
1981     Fresh Quota                                    74
1982     1+9+8+2                                         1
1982     From The Makers Of...                           4
1983     Back To Back                                    9
1984     12 Gold Bars Vol. 2                            12
1986     In The Army Now                                 7
1988     Ain't Complaining                              12
1989     Perfect Remedy                                 49
1990     Rocking All Over The Years                      2
1991     Rock 'Til You Drop                             10
1992     Live Alive Quo                                 37
1994     Thirsty Work                                   13
1995     Don't Stop                                      2
1997     Whatever You Want: The Very Best of...         13
Alex Gitlin