The Gateway is Closed...

But the KnightWorks are now open!!

[The KnightWorks Logo]
The Bubblegum Zone has moved to a new home!!

I've been meaning to update and revamp my website for quite a while now, and it's finally happened. Although the Gateway is no longer here, the Bubblegum Zone has moved to its new home in the Main Hall of the KnightWorks webpage.

I'd like also take this opportunity to thank the folks maintaining Jurai.Net for giving me the web server space that got me started back in 1995. Without their support and assistance, I'd never have made it this far. Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!! [^_^]

The KnightWorks is a concept I've been working on for a while now, but was never able to realize until now. I wanted a website with a bit broader base than just my fanfiction, and that's what Knightworks will become over time. Select the castle logo image to the left to go to the main KnightWorks webpage, or select this link.

So by all means, browse on over and check it out!! [^_^]

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