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Image of Valanna


Seraph of Lightning

Corporeal Forces - 3 Strength : 6 Agility : 6 (Body Hits: 30)
Etherial Forces - 3 Intelligence : 6 Precision : 6 (Mind Hits: 18)
Celestial Forces - 3 Will : 7 Perception : 5 (Soul Hits: 21)

Vessel: Human Female/3, Charisma+1 (Attractive)
Role: "Valerie Ellison", Secretarial/2
Skills: Computer Operations/5, Driving/3, Fighting/1, Singing/3,
Small Weapon(Dagger)/2, Tactics/1
Songs: Attraction (Corp/2), Harmony (Eth/2), Healing (Eth/1),
Shields (All/3)
Attunements: Seraph of Lightning
Discord: None
Relics: None

[Physical Desc in current vessel, Celestial Form Desc.]

  • Vessel: Slender woman with styled blond hair, beautiful in a regal sort of way, tall with striking blue eyes, favoring maroon accents in her attire and jewelry with lightning bolts.
  • Cel form: Shiny maroon-colored scales and wings, deep sapphire eyes with no discernible pupils or whites

[Back History/Story]

  • Young in celestial terms, barely a couple centuries old.
  • Dedicated unquestioningly to the Host and to her Archangel's Word, this dedication earned her a note of Dissonance and a brief but unpleasant Trauma as she went against her own nature to protect the secrets of Lightning; she was able to remove this Dissonance later through Tether duties
  • Her devotion to Lightning and to Truth remains steadfast; the mere idea of a Fall terrifies her and she will become distinctly uncomfortable in the presence of a Balseraph. Her own experience with Lying made her feel firsthand the temptation inherent in it, to impose one's own belief on someone rather than being subject to the Truth; she recognizes this temptation for what it is and works all the harder to avoid exposing herself to it again.
  • Tries to present herself as an equal to her fellow celestials, doing things that other Seraphim might disdainfully ask others to do for them, in attempt to be more worthy of her de facto royalty status. That said, she is quite capable of being the voice of authority if the situation so warrants.

[Current-day interactions, Role, and duties]

  • "Valerie Ellison", secretarial worker in Sciences aboard Citidas Station; temporary Role for purposes of rooting out Diabolical activity aboard said station and assisting other members of the Host stationed or arriving there. Primary team members include the Virtue Ian, the Daughter Tiphareth, and the Dominations Tau and Muon.

Addendums since Campaign Start (2070+):

  • Song: Tounges (Ethereal/3)

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