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Image of Giri


Bright Lilim of The Sword

Corporeal Forces - 3 Strength : 5 Agility : 7 (Body Hits: 30)
Etherial Forces - 4 Intelligence : 7 Precision : 9 (Mind Hits: 28)
Celestial Forces - 5 Will : 9 Perception : 11 (Soul Hits: 45)

Vessel: Tall, angular white-blonde male /3, Charisma +2 (aristocratic)
Role: [Role]/[Level] (Status [+/-])
Skills: [Skill]/[Level], [Skill]/[Level], etc.
Songs: [Song](Corp/[Level], Eth/[Level], Cel/[Level]),
{[Song](All/[level])}, etc.
Attunements: Bright Lilim of the Sword, Seraph of the Sword, Hunt, Scabbard
Discord: [Type]/[Level]
Relics: [Specifics]

Bnerg grinned, wiping off blood off his hands. Pity his resonance made some splatters, though given the state of his jeans now it didn't mean too much. The Halo seemed pretty damn well tenderized now. For a Swordie, the damn Seraph was a fucking pushover. The angel blessed well *looked* like a Seraph at least, all tall and thin and blonde and pretty--well, at least he'd been shojo-manga pretty *before* the Calabite had started in on him. Now he looked more like hamburger.

Bnerg laughed. "So, angel boy, had enough yet?"

"fuck you," came the gurgling rasp. Bnerg only laughed louder at that.

"Shit, either you're secretly a Creationer or it really *is* true that them Catholic priests got their inclinations from above. Say, is it true about Laurence and--*"

The angel spoke again, the voice suddenly clear and calm.

"I call in your debt to me. "

The insinuation was cut off suddenly, the demon's mouth working, not getting anything *out*, as out of the mess of the angel's face two cold grey eyes opened, focusing on him....

"Stand there for a moment, if you would?" There was a flick, and two blades were in his hands, as he stood, astonishingly fluidly for the punishment he'd taken.

He paused to spit out a gobbet of blood, then advanced on the panicking, completely frozen Bnerg. "I really, truly hope that your treatment of me was Worth It for you. This may hurt quite a lot.

"And you know, I don't really care if it does..."

There are those angels who are known for being aberrancies in their Choirs and organizations. The ones who don't quite fit, the ones who get looked at strangely, the ones who manage in those organizations mainly because they can attack the same problem that can stymie their fellows from another angle, because of the simple fact of who and what they *are*.

Then there's Giri.

Giri (not his true name, obviously) was always shall we say.....a little *weird*. Something about the fact being "born" masculine from the very get-go, compounded with the fact that he immediately after Bound into the service of the War, seriously bemused his Mother. 'Enslaving' oneself to a Prince, let alone one Lilith is at best on seriously iffy terms with, is enough to strain any parent/child relationship, even one as skewed as that of Lilith and her Lilim. That, and the presence of a focused, ascetic personality at vast odds to the usual Nothing If Not Fun Lilim outlook, is likely what caused the Princess of Freedom to wash her hands of him even more so than of many of her Bound Daughters.

Baal, on the other hand, was quite appreciative of the Lilim once he'd survived the initial gauntlet of entry into the ranks of the War. This eventually led to several corporeal tours of duty, where Giri proved and honed skills as saboteur and assassin to a rarefied extent. In later times, it was thought that it was his subtle usage of those talents that was crucial in fueling the provincial turmoil in 18th century Japan. Baal was pleased by this--so pleased, in fact, that he awarded his pet killer with no less than Knight of the Black Order and further tours of duty in the Islands so Giri could elaborate on the work he'd already begun.

It also, coincidentally, was the foundation point for his eventual downfall.

Nobody knows, exactly, why some two hundred years later a Distincted and to all eyes highly successful Servitor of the War finally snapped, shattering his Heart before disappearing into the shadows of the corporeal realm. Not even he knew how to put it into words. But to this day it's suspected that cultural contamination, bushido and Zen Buddhism all had a part to play, and the combination was lethal for his ability to stomach the inherent contradictions he suddenly saw in the War. At any rate, the uproar was tremendous.

The problem, however, when you're a Gamester or of the War trying to haul in a particularly noisome Renegade to your Prince, is that when the Renegade's been a hired killer for centuries it becomes extremely hazardous to your own corporeal health, especially when the Renegade is cornered and has nothing to lose. It took three years and a trail of more than a dozen demons of slowly increasing rank in Trauma. At the end, it was a Balseraph Captain and Calabite Knight of the War who ran him down.

This, of course, is the part of the story where the Malakim and Seraphim of the Sword and the War burst in to save the day, brandishing large swords and axes and other cutlery of note. True to form, this is exactly what happened.

Evidently, word had gotten around to the other side too.

Nobody, though, quite expected the really *BIG* Seraph with the really *BIG* axe to suddenly stand up, heft his weapon, and walk toward the Baalites, grinning nastily....

All in all, the two demons in question were lucky to eat Trauma and dissonance, respectively, at the time. Baal was rather less kind to them, later.

This left an extremely banged-up and confused Tempter in the hands of angels. The confusion only got worse once Michael, to Giri's extreme surprise, successfully Redeemed him; leaving him unique, aura-winged, bemused, and wandering around in the Groves for several weeks while he came to terms with being something he had been convinced for centuries couldn't be.

And then they had the Council meeting concerning his disposition amongst Superiors. It's debatable on who was more surprised when Michael didn't contest the request for Giri's relocation to the Sword, but it's rumored that there was a *lot* of confused blinking on Laurence's behalf when his typical New Lilim in Heaven Rote Request didn't get the usual denial. Never mind Michael's big grin during all this, or Giri's look of polite flusterment when he wasn't doing the usual Recent Redeemed Lilim distraction at bright shiny objects.

Since then, much to the surprise of both Servitor and Superior, Giri has been a model Servitor of the Sword, functioning well where many of his Sisters would be stifled. He has gained in the course of a few short decades greater standing in the organization of the Sword as well as rewards for services rendered and the respect of his co-servitors. Unbeknownst to him, Laurence has been pondering him and making thoughtful noises about Vassalhood as well--provided he survives the next few years.

Just don't let Giri get drunk. It's not pretty. Trust me.

Addendums since Campaign Start (2070+):

  • None yet

Author's Note: Giri is plainly *not* a balanced starting character, due to long experience in the War and later in the Sword, and I'm not even trying to keep him in chara points, as even thinking about it makes me whimper in pain. If anybody wishes to use him as a player character, it's *strongly* suggested that a great deal of trimming as necessary be done.

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