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Center for Fun and Cuteness!

Yes, it's true. After spending its entire life under the patently unhelpful title of "PCHammer's No-Brainer Homepage, Your Dead End on the Information Supertrafficjam", this little piece of web is finally achieving something that vaguely resembles a purpose.

Of course, the pursuit of that purpose is going to involve actually cobbling up some HTML, so this page will be removed from its previous state of eternal stagnation and enter the Web's favorite phase:

Permanently Under Construction!

Don't really have much to show for it so far, of course. But since I have no cuteness of my own to put on display here, I'll have to include some links so you can find your own cuteness and fun.

The Chibi/SD Image Archive
The Sailor Moon Funny Faces Gallery
Cute.Net (especially the Rayearth area)
The Cute Zone
Lady Andromeda's SD Image Collection
Sailor Moon Says - Your Daily Alternative!
The Anime Turnpike
Zany Video Game Quotes (A Winner Is You, You Spoony Bard!)
Next Generation Online
Secrets of the Game Sages
Dimension S
Space Ghost Daily News at Cartoon Network
The Brak Shrine! ALL HAIL BRAK!
Brak's Scrapbook

The Christmas season has come and gone, and so has my annual Web Christmas Card. If you missed it this year, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait until next.

Someday, I suppose there will also be a reason to send me feedback about this page, but for now I'll just drop in one of those Web mail links for the pure, unbridled fun of it.