Chapter 1 - THE HIGHWAY

At 2:17 PM
on December 6th,
a new type
of bomb
over the
area of


Nine hours later,
World War III began.

Leningrad, Moscow,
Vladivostok, San Francisco,
Los Angeles, Washington DC,
New York, Okinawa,
Berlin, Hamburg, Warsaw,
London, Birmingham,
Paris, New Delhi...

And the world began
to rebuild.

Neo-Tokyo City, 38 years after World War III (2030 AD)

The Third World War began in 1992 with the explosion of a new type bomb over Japan. Thiry-eight years later, the world is at last recovering. But in Neo-Tokyo, near ground zero of the original destruction, a strange encounter takes place. Kaneda--young, restless, committed to defying authority--nearly runs down a child with his motorcycle. A child with the wizened face of an old man. A child with powers beyond physical science. The child is Number 26. He is the harbringer of deadly events that sweep Kaneda into a struggle between powerful and secret forces. At the center of this struggle is something feared and prized for the potential to shake the recovering world. Someone or something known only as...AKIRA.

Chapter 2

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